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Our Services

Toka & Associates offers a range of comprehensive ADR processes and support services. All services are cost-effective, user friendly and legally enforceable.

Mediation / conciliation

Mediation involves using an impartial third party who helps both sides to a dispute to come to an agreement.


Facilitation is a process where a third party chairs a conversation. This includes diversity facilitation initiatives.

Relationship building initiatives

The objective of a relationship building initiative is to identify problem areas in the working relationship and to agree on mutually acceptable solutions.

Managing meetings

Toka & Associates offers a meeting management service, including facilitating the meeting and providing secretariat services.


Arbitration is a legal technique for the resolution of disputes outside the courts.

Chairing enquiries

This is a process whereby an independent chairperson is appointed to determine an internal matter within an organisation.

Workplace investigations

This process is used where a party is facing a situation of conflicting information and/or a lack of information and need an objective assessment.

Forensic investigations

These services are aimed to provide scientific scrutiny of evidence to assist parties to determine a way forward.

Our colleagues will also represent you in any workplace-related disputes


Disputes settled


LRA Disputes

The Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (“CCMA”) has accredited Toka & Associates as a private agency in terms of section 127 of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 (“the LRA”).


Conciliation is a process where a conciliator will assist the parties to try to resolve a workplace dispute.

Arbitration is a formal hearing where parties to a dispute present evidence and arguments on the dispute to the arbitrator.

A collective agreement is a written agreement concerning terms and conditions of employment, or any other matter of mutual interest, concluded by one or more registered trade unions on the one hand and, on the other hand–

This is a final and binding arbitration conducted in terms of the Labour Relations Act (LRA) in the place of a disciplinary or incapacity (performance/ ill health) hearing.

Section 189 of the Labour Relations Act (“LRA”) permits employers to dismiss employees for operational requirements.

Section 198A-D of the LRA regulates the “Non-standard employment.

About Toka & Associates

Toka & Associates is an private agency accredited by the CCMA, part-time Commissioner appointed by the Governing Body of the Commission in the terms of section 117 (2) of the Labour Relations Act, that performs the accreditation functions of the Agency as a  Private Agency. Toka & Ass is a CCMA accredited private agency in terms of section 127 of the LRA. In terms of its accreditation, it may conduct conciliation processes. Toka & Ass requires the consent of the parties to conduct the conciliation, and such consent can be in a contract of employment, collective agreement or an agreement at the time the dispute arises.

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